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Sheba Saturdays

On this installment of Sheba Saturdays, I’d like to introduce you to Ben’s favorite time of the day: Bathtime. Don’t worry, there’s nothing inappropriate in these photos. I even had Ben put a shirt on just to make sure of it. 🙂

Most days when Ben gets home from work, he’ll give me a quick hello kiss while I’m in the kitchen getting dinner ready, and then head on into our bedroom to change into comfy clothes. Inevitably, Sheba will follow Ben into the bedroom, hop up onto the bed, meowing all the way to tell Ben about her day.

Ben, sometimes needing a rest after a long day at work, will lay his head down on the bed. Sheba understands that Ben is also a dirty little boy and needs to be cleaned up. So, she begins mothering him by licking his little head clean. This can go on for ten minutes at a time, and I have learned that if Ben is taking a long time changing that it is not “his fault,” but rather, the kitty’s.

Bathtime is not restricted to after work hours, as evidenced by the iPhone photos below.

Ben can occasionally be found sitting on the couch, reading a book, when Sheba will take one look at him and decide that he is due for a bath. She jumps right up and bathtime begins.

Both Ben and Sheba enjoy this little ritual which has become a fixture in our day. I wish I could partake, but alas–I have too much hair on my head and Sheba does not know what to do with it. It would be a sad, sad day if I ever had so little hair that she could bathe me like she bathes Ben. So long, until the next installment of Sheba Saturdays.

So tell me… have you ever had cats/know of cats who bathe their humans? I’d never heard of it until Sheba started doing it, so I guess Ben just needed mothering and Sheba stepped into that role. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sheba Saturdays”

    1. awww that’s cute. 🙂 we are so getting a dog when we move out of our apartment, hopefully sometime next summer after i graduate from my MA program. dogs are so fun!


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