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Recipe Repeat: Pillow Cookies

From the outside, Bakerella‘s Pillow Cookies look like your average chocolate chip cookies.

But one bite reveals something really special. In each soft, sweet, chocolatey bite you get a taste of both…

Cookies? Brownies? Both in one delicious package? Sign me up please! I was recently reminded of this tasty treat when I had signed up to bring snacks to our small group and a guy in the group requested Pillow Cookies. I previously had only made these once, so I was thrilled to have a chance to make these again.

They were even better than I remembered–the only change I made to the original was to make them half the size, so as to increase the yield and feed more hungry folks! The first time I made them I could only eat half at a time anyway because they were so rich. Anyways, no matter what size you make ’em, you won’t regret it, because these extraordinary and over the top cookies look impressive and taste even better. Plus, you don’t have to tell anyone how easy they are to make!

What has been the most over the top dessert you’ve made lately?


4 thoughts on “Recipe Repeat: Pillow Cookies”

  1. Oh my gosh – those look delicious! I haven’t made them yet, but I did find a recipe for Oreo’s (or Newman O’s, ha!) wrapped in chocolate chip cookie dough and baked. They sound so sinfully delish, but something about baking an oreo…inside another cookie…makes me feel guilty making it! Perhaps that’s a good reason to try to make them, if they make you feel guilty to bake them, they must be good – right?! 🙂


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