Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Week of March 19

Monday: Greek Yogurt Pancakes
Tuesday: black beans and rice
Wednesday: class… boo. so ready to be done with school.
Thursday: Lasagna Soup
Friday: dinner with friends
Saturday: roasted chicken
Sunday: out to eat



So maybe you noticed there was no menu plan last week. And no blog posts either for that matter.

Well, one of the perks of still being in school is SPRING BREAK! I know the stereotype of grad school is that you have all school, and no breaks. Well, you can be like that. Some people are.

Or you can go to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina like me. [Photo borrowed from my sister’s Facebook album of the past since my photos aren’t on my laptop yet… since I didn’t take it with me.]

Ben and I enjoyed spending the week with my parents, sister, and her fiancé. We had a huge 3 bedroom condo on the beach… there were plenty of comfy beds and enough space to go around… well, maybe with the exception of Kathleen’s fiancé, Grant, who slept in the living room all week [sorry! next family vacation you two will be married :)].

It was a glorious week of walking the beach, reading by the pool, shopping, 70 degree temps, sunshine, eating [I never want dessert again… ughh… I think I had ice cream at least 6 times. On the bright side, we did finish a 1 lb tub of spring mix and a 5 lb bag of carrots, no thanks to my dad :)], and celebrating Ben’s birthday, which happened to be yesterday. Yes, he’s a St. Patty’s baby. 🙂 Unfortunately we had to travel back on his actual birthday so we celebrated all week long with the best ever wild berry pie and his favorite chicken dish.

Now it’s back to the real world, and our kitty, who was mighty happy to see us when we picked her up from the “country club” where she boards during our long trips.

The only two memorable meals from the week before vacation were Chicken Paprika and Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, both of which I’ll put on the to-blog list. 🙂 I think everything else didn’t happen… it was a crazy week, and [what seems like] a long time ago.

Hope you all get a spring break of sorts soon! Highly recommended. 🙂


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