Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Menu Plan | The Pajama ChefWeek of June 17

Monday: mango fried rice w/ tofu – didn’t make last week
Tuesday: mac & cheese by Ben [OTT style? we shall see!]
Wednesday: sweet & sour chicken – didn’t make last week
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: out to eat
Saturday: dinner at a baseball game for Ben’s 10 year HS reunion – cray cray
Sunday: breakfast for dinner


I don’t know what happened to my menu from last week, but I do know that practically nothing I planned I made, save an amazing tex-mex chicken salad with not just one, but two [relatively healthy] salad dressings–a creamy buttermilk dressing made with greek yogurt and a hot chile vineagrette. I had no less than 4 of these salads in 5 days. Yes, so good! So this week is alot of repeats so as to not waste food. 🙂


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