Family, Sheba

Sheba Saturdays

Just a glimpse into the life of our kitty.

There's been a murder.
This is the prime suspect.
The murderer always returns to the scene of the crime...

Happy Saturday! What have your pets done lately to make you laugh?


4 thoughts on “Sheba Saturdays”

  1. Aww, I love cats! John and I have two: Lupin, who is six years old and Parker, who is ten weeks old. Today, Parker was curiously pawing at the strings of my guitar, kind of literally playing it! Made me laugh because it was so cute. 🙂


  2. I need to visit my sister Erica soon since she has 2 hilarious cats that I can laugh at all day long. Both unfortunately (no furry snuggles) and fortunately (no litter box duties) for us, we have no pets at this time.


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