better with cheese

UPDATE: as of July 17, 2013, this recipe is now on my blog here. 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy Thursday!

Come check out my post today on Today’s Housewife here to learn how to get an eggplant-hater to [gasp!] enjoy eggplant… frittata style! Because everything is better with eggs, potatoes, and cheese! Oh, cheese…

Eggplant Potato Frittata for Two (or a Crowd)

For a recap of other recipes and posts I’ve shared over on Today’s Housewife, check out TPC Elswhere.


5 thoughts on “better with cheese”

  1. off the wall comment here…. LOVE the retro wooden fork. My parents had those. I will have to see if I can scrounge one up before the estate sale of their stuff…..I found all kinds of vintage in their garage. looks yummy!! will try it maybe but i’m sensitive to eggs. have to food rotate them. 😦


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