October is…

PUMPKIN MONTH 2011! Well, at least in my little world. I hope you join in the fun.

Last year I had a week of pumpkin where I shared many of my favorite pumpkin recipes. Check them out here, and come back the rest of the month to see how my adventures with pumpkin in a variety of ways over the 31 days of pumpkin here at The Pajama Chef. We’ll be enjoying pumpkin:

  • in main dishes,
  • in snacks,
  • in desserts,
  • in decorating,
  • and in many, many other ways!

Don’t worry, non-pumpkin lovers… you’ll be converted soon! Or you can just enjoy the non-pumpkin posts of the month. I can’t wait for everything to begin on Monday! In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you about the best pumpkin dishes you’ve ever had–with recipes if possible. I’d love to have more ideas for this great month!

[pumpkin image source]


5 thoughts on “October is…”

  1. My pumpkin plans include making a pumpkin spice latte syrup that you can mix into your coffee. I think I’m attacking that venture over the weekend.


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