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Sheba Saturdays

When I was growing up, we had three cats over the years. They were all male, all indoor/outdoor cats [with the exception of the youngest, Tigger, who was afraid of his own shadow due to his cataracts], and their main form of entertainment was hunting, fighting, and chasing wadded up paper, gift bows, etc. Ben on the other hand had only had female cats and believed that storebought cat toys were a necessity. I used to think that was silly. Until I met Sheba.

Then I started doing things like dropping $20 at Target two weeks ago to buy her this ugly hideaway, complete with scratching post, enclosed sleeping area, and dangly, noisemaking toys. I was convinced she’d love it. But instead, she was afraid and avoided it at all costs.

It took time though, but after a few days she was content to hang out next to it.

I was happy, but not thrilled. It’s not everyday that I spend $20…. cash that could have been spent on ingredients for cheesecake or something like that… on a toy. For a cat.


So you can imagine my delight when we looked over from our movie last Friday night and saw this:

Sweet sucess! I guess putting her blanket inside was a good move on my part.

Over this past week, Sheba graduated from simply resting in the hideaway to playing with the jangly noisemakers nearly everyday.

Sometimes she even jumps up on top and gets at them from above. It’s quite the sight to see… and quite the noise to hear. This kitty owner is a happy camper… even if little ringing bells at all hours isn’t exactly the most pleasant sound to hear. At least she rewards me with lots of cuddle time!

That’s more than worth the $20.

On a cat toy. I still can’t believe I did that… oh my… Please tell me I’m not the only one.


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