Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Week of April 23

Monday: Black Bean Soup Like You Mean It
Tuesday: Lemony Kale Pasta
Wednesday: last night class! Ben fends for himself.
Thursday: Potato & Chorizo Tacos
Friday: my birthday! out to eat to celebrate 🙂
Saturday: leftovers or maybe out to eat again, thanks to loads of birthday freebies 🙂
Sunday: chicken curry and couscous


Last week brought a ton of school work [one more week of graduate school!! and it’s my  birthday week! Well, I still have to finish my thesis over the summer but one more week of classes!] and even a paper I forgot to write [and was graciously allowed to turn in the next day]. So cooking kinda went to the side… but my Teryaki Meatballs were amazing so they will be added to my ever-growing list of things to blog about. 🙂


So, last week


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