Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Menu Plan | The Pajama ChefMonday: kale bacon quiche
Tuesday: mexican chicken salad
Wednesday: sweet & sour chicken
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: out to eat with a friend at only the best pizza place ever. 🙂
Saturday: breakfast for dinner
Sunday:  mango coconut fried rice with tofu



So, this is a little later than I usually post. My Macbook started randomly shutting down last week when I was working from home. What a bummer. So I took it to a local Mac repair shop last Thursday, and just got it back today. The sad thing is that they couldn’t replicate my problem so nothing has been fixed. I just hope the problem doesn’t happen again now that I have my baby home. Fortunately, I use Carbonite to back up my data so I didn’t have to worry about losing anything. 🙂 If you don’t back up your data, you definitely should [and let me know if you want more info on Carbonite, plus a special $$$ saving deal–disclaimer: this deal has nothing to do with me having a blog. I just love Carbonite. Can you say RELIEF?] Needless to say, the five days I was computer-less I could have blogged from another computer or my phone, but I didn’t–it just seemed like too much work. But now I’m back. Yay!


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