Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Menu Plan | The Pajama ChefWeek of July 8

Monday: chicken & stars risotto w/ a side salad
Tuesday: veggie herb pasta w/ a side salad
Wednesday: crockpot mexican chicken burritos w/ green beans
Thursday: pork chops in apricot sauce w/ a side salad & roasted potatoes
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: out to eat
Sunday: breakfast for dinner/grilled cheese/smoothies & popcorn or some other really simple dinner


8 thoughts on “Menu Plan”

  1. Smoothies and popcorn! If only my husband would let me get away with that. 🙂 How do you do your chicken in the crockpot? Is it chicken breast or thigh? The meat always gets dry for me in the crockpot.


    1. my husband likes smoothies & popcorn so he’s fine with it. i’m fortunate! as for the crockpot, i do either. this time, it was chicken breasts. i used this recipe: i’d recommend soaking the beans overnight first, that wasn’t in the directions and the cook time was super long. i almost did it, but then thought, oh the recipe just says to rinse them…. lazy mistake was bad news! but the chicken wasn’t dry at all. i also added chopped peppers. i think the key is always enough liquid, cooking them on low, and having other things in there–not just chicken itself.


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