Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Menu Plan | The Pajama ChefWeek of October 6

Monday: hamburgers
Tuesday: breakfast quesadillas
Wednesday: steak & noodles stir fry
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: lemony kale pasta
Saturday: out to eat
Sunday: roast chicken


Hello from Nashville! So, I’m alive. ๐Ÿ™‚ One week down at my new job and so far I’m enjoying it. Lots to learn, but that’s to be expected. Now that our new apartment is finally set up, I’m getting back to cooking and baking. After being in transition for over a month [knowing we were moving, packing, traveling, moving, and then unpacking and setting in], I am SO glad to be back in the kitchen. Eating out and eating random kitchen leftovers was just getting old. Blogging should be more normal from now on, in case you were concerned. Ha, ha, ha. So, what’s new with you? See you soon!


6 thoughts on “Menu Plan”

  1. I so understand that you were busy and did not have time blogging. I myself got a new job a month ago, and the learning curve at a new job took a toll on my blogging habits, too. So, I hope you will settle in your new routine soon and start sharing your fun recipes with us on a regular basis!


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