What I’m Into (January 2015 edition)

I always love other blogger’s What I’m Into posts, so I decided to start participating for 2015! WOOHOO!

One of the best parts of this month: an impromptu, somewhat late night date with Ben at The Cheesecake Factory after Bible study. Appetizers and cheesecake. Mmm, felt like college again!

What’s Been Happening

Lately things have been REALLY busy around here. I’m training for my fifth marathon–in Nashville this April, so running has taken up an extraordinary amount of time, especially on the weekends and before work. I’m so glad the days are getting longer… makes running before work much easier, plus I hate driving home everyday in the dark. Ben’s also coaching basketball for his school. Seeing him as a coach is so fun! Let me just say that fifth graders playing basketball is adorable.

I’ve loved crafting all my life, but haven’t done it very much as an adult. But during the Ohio State National Championship football game [that Ben was OH SO thrilled about!], I made those paper flowers for a decoration for my office. They make me smile everytime I walk in. 🙂

What I’m Reading

I’m a big reader, and have read some great books this month! My reading goal on Goodreads [follow me?] is 120 books this year. I’m interested in seeing if I can do it! 🙂 Last year I read 100+ so this is somewhat of a jump up, but not too bad. This month I finished 11 books and am reading several more.

What I'm Into |

The best books I read this month were the first two of Rebecca Cantrell’s Hannah Vogel series, A Trace of Smoke and A Night of Long Knives. If you like mystery/thrillers and WWII-era books, you will love this series set in 1930s Berlin. I have the third book waiting to start too!

I listen to audiobooks during my commute, and my favorite new series is a sweet Southern series set in Charleston, South Carolina by Karen White. The first installment is The House on Tradd Street and the narrator on the audiobook is great! Her accents are spot on and makes the somewhat ridiculous nature of this series [a realtor who lands herself an old house to restore and encounters ghosts in the process] easier to bear. A good, light read to counter my traffic woes!

I’m in the process of reading several other books. I like to read multiple books at once so I can pick up whatever suits my mood at the time. Though I have a numerical reading goal for the year, I also am going to join in with the reading challenge on Modern Mrs. Darcy to read books in various categories this year. Two of my current reads fit into this challenge–And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie [for a book that my mom loves!] and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis [for a book I’ve been meaning to read foreverrr].

What I’m Watching

I haven’t had much time for tv this month, but I faithfully watched the last four episodes of Parenthood in January. So sad to see this show end, but I do love the closure. Have you seen this article from E! Online about elements of the finale? It’s always interesting knowing why writers/directors make the decisions they do. I have to say, I love Sarah/Lauren Graham’s wedding dress. Gorgeous. If I got married all over again I would totally love that dress.

We’ve also been watching 24 again! We’re on season 5, and got stuck there sometime last year when Netflix took it off. Sooo when Amazon Prime was on sale last weekend, we took advantage so we could watch it again. No spoilers please! 🙂 This has nothing to do with the show, but Netflix’s format on the Wii is miles better than Amazon Prime’s. Ugh. Amazon Prime seems to skip a lot more too. Boo!

I’ve also been catching up on my cooking shows: Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Damaris Phillips’ Southern At Heart are my fave! On Netflix I’ve been slowly watching Bones and Gilmore Girls. This may be sacrilege to many of you but I couldn’t get into Friends. I really tried! Yesterday, the last day of the month, after my 12 mile run I camped out on the couch and watched two movies for the first time in forever… Safe Haven [a la Nicholas Sparks] and Mulan [yes. Aminated Mulan. I love this movie so much!]. That was fun!

What I’ve Been Cooking

This month I’ve been cooking a lot on Sundays so we have leftovers for the week. Evenings have been consumed with all sorts of things–I have to work one night a week [we rotate evening duty at the library], Bible study is another night, Ben has basketball practice another night… it seems like we’re hardly home which is just not my style. I love being home. So I’ve made all sorts of things on the weekends–Skinny Lasagna, Black Beans and Rice, Mediterranean Lentils and Rice [still owe you the recipe, it’s from a Food Network magazine!], and soups out the wazoo. My sister’s Creamy Zuppa Tuscana Soup was SO good, as were these Morning Glory Muffins. Since it takes me forever to blog recipes, I created a Tested Recipes board on Pinterest to save all my, umm, tested recipes. Haha!

Oh I can’t believe I almost forgot… we LOVED these Whole Wheat Pancakes for Two. I think about them everyday and wish I could make pancakes everyday!

What’s On The Blog

My most popular new recipe of the month was Southwest Veggie & Taco Rice Casserole. No doubt because that stuff is good! 

Southwest Veggie + Taco Rice Casserole |

My top three popular recipes from the archives were: Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake, Buffalo Pretzels, and Linda’s Ritz Bits Caramel Crackers.

What were you into in January?

Linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into lately. 

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