Menu Plans

Menu Plan

Weekly Meal Plan - check it out on!

Hey hey! I’ve been doing weekly menu plans on the blog for a long time. To be honest, they aren’t always super popular but they are for me to use to plan out my weekly meals and make my grocery list. The stuff of life, right?!? Anyways, this week I’m trying something new… teaming up with a group of blogging friends to share a joint meal plan. Woohoo easy! And tasty. Everything sounds SO good this week, doesn’t it?!? Have a great week! 🙂

This week’s meal plan was brought you to by:

The Spiffy Cookie | Foodtastic Mom | The Pajama Chef | Big Bear’s Wife |

The Cooking Actress | Pies and Plots




Quinoa Black Bean Burritos with Southwest Sauce |



  • DAY OFF – Go out to eat or order in! Or have leftovers. 🙂



Side Dish


Pin this to your meal planning board for easy access all week long!

Weekly Meal Plan - check it out on! Weekly Meal Plan - check it out on!



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