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SRC: Club Soda Waffles

I love breakfast food! So much in fact, that we had breakfast for dinner at our wedding. True story, one I’ve told too many times on this blog. It should come as no surprise then I immediately look at breakfast recipes on whatever blog I am assigned to for the Secret Recipe Club each month. If a good looking breakfast recipe is there, you can bet I’ll make it!! Okay, that’s not always true… there are so many good recipes on SRC blogs these days! But I do try my best to find yummy breakfast recipes whenever I can.

Club Soda Waffles | The Pajama Chef

If you’re new, you might be a bit confused. SRC? What’s that? Let me explain. It’s a pretty amazing blogging club. Basically, the premise is this: you’re assigned a different member’s blog every month. You visit their blog, choose any recipe you want, then make it and share it on your blog… all while keeping your assignment a secret! Everyone else posts about their secret blog the same day. It’s fabulously fun to try out new blogs. If you have a blog, definitely check it out and consider joining! I highly recommend it.

This month I was assigned to The Keenan Cookbook, a fun husband and wife food blogging team. They have a great system down: he cooks, she photographs, they enjoy. Love it!! Chris and Rachel seem like such a fun couple, and they have the most adorable little boy. Seriously… he’s so cute! I first “met” them in SRC awhile ago, and I loved that they chose one of my favorite desserts when they had my blog back in November. 🙂

Club Soda Waffles | The Pajama Chef

I was really torn between three recipes–these waffles, Mint Orange Couscous Salad [ultimately nixed because my mint hasn’t grown enough yet… and I didn’t want to pay $5 for some at the grocery store], and Chocolate Coffee Cake. Though I’m sure all those recipes are great, these waffles are incredible!

Club Soda Waffles | The Pajama Chef

Ben though they were the best waffles I ever have made, and I must say I was pretty impressed myself. They are crispy and light and airy all at once. It’s a miracle! A carbonated miracle! Apparently it’s an old-timey recipe… I did a little google-investigation and saw that it might have originally been featured in the Hints from Heloise newspaper column. But I’m not an expert on the history… have you ever heard of these waffles? I am so glad that Chris and Rachel introduced me to them… they are perfect for those times when you’re out of milk but still want waffles, or need to be dairy-free [obviously taking the butter into account too]. Delicious! Be sure to check out The Keenan Cookbook for more great recipes! Thanks guys. 🙂

Club Soda Waffles | The Pajama Chef

Club Soda Waffles [waffles from The Keenan Cookbook, Bisquick substitute from Unsophisticook]


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, cubed
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 cup canola oil
  • 1 1/3 cups club soda


Preheat waffle maker.

In a large bowl, stir together flour and baking powder. Add cubed butter and cut in with two knives or a pastry cutter until fully incorporated. Then add egg, oil, and club soda and stir gently until combined. Do not overmix!

Spoon batter into hot waffle maker in ~ 1/2 cup* increments. Cook until crisp.

Serve with powdered sugar, fruit, and yogurt, or your desired toppings!

Time: 20 minutes.

Yield: 6 waffles [may vary based on your waffle maker].


Can substitute 2 cups Bisquick mix or the like for the flour, baking powder, and butter. The original recipe advises that uncooked batter does not keep because of the club soda, so make all the waffles at one and then reheat if necessary. I always use my toaster or toaster oven to do this.

Check out other SRC recipes here! 🙂


50 thoughts on “SRC: Club Soda Waffles”

  1. I’m with you on the breakfast-for-dinner love. If I had to pick just one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would be sunny-side up eggs with toast and hash browns and peameal bacon… I honestly can’t see myself ever getting tired of it.
    These waffles sound amazing… I wonder if you could change it up by using different sodas to subtly change the flavour. I’m thinking there might be some root beer waffles in my near future. 🙂


    1. you know, i was thinking about that yesterday! like, even using different flavors of seltzer water. i think the carbonation for this recipe is the most important thing to making them crisp…let me know if you try a variation! also, i’ve never heard of peameal bacon, but i googled it and it sounded so good 🙂


  2. OK, seriously. I HAVE to get a waffle maker. My kids love them for breakfast and I’d so much rather make homemade than the who-knows-how-many-preservatives kind they usually eat.


    1. yes! get one! mine was a wedding gift but it’s just a $20-30 basic oster waffle maker from target…has lasted nearly 4 years now. we use it at least once a month. 🙂 waffles freeze so well!!


  3. These do sound fantastic. That is pretty cool that you had breakfast dinner at your wedding. How fun! I use club soda in making matzo balls too.


  4. I’ve never heard of club soda waffles but I’m intrigued! I have a bunch of club soda that’s been sitting around for over a year. Now I have a purpose for it!


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