What I’m Into (March and April 2016)

What’s Been Happening

March and April were ALL about getting ready for baby! I mean, I did much of the usual: work and church and seeing friends… but I took a week off work during Ben’s spring break so we could prettify the nursery! And it was so much fun. I will try to share more nursery pics later, but here are a few teasers. 🙂

#BabyVolde's nursery via

A close up of the felt animals I made for the mobile!

#BabyVolde's nursery via

#BabyVolde's nursery via

I also did a bunch of freezer cooking that week. I’m going to be so pleased with myself later in May and June! And so will Ben, I suspect.

In early April, I also had two back-to-back baby showers. My wonderful coworkers threw me a baby shower at the library, and my mom and sister were able to come for it… This baby shower was book-themed and was beautifully decorated. 🙂

Baby shower via

I can’t show more photos because we have decided–for now–to keep our son’s name private on my blog and public social media just so it’s not searchable. I don’t think my blog is popular enough by any means that I’m really afraid of stranger danger or anything like that… but I still want to error on the side of caution. So a nickname it is! For now, he’s #BabyVolde but I’m sure that will change in the future! 🙂

The next day, my sister and mom planned a baby shower that was held at my house! It’s a little stressful hosting your own baby shower [eeek] but I was glad to not have to travel for it. By the way, I was about 34 weeks in this picture.

Baby shower via

They did a great job with the food and games! It was Woodland Animal themed, which is the theme of our nursery and the food even fit in! We had seasoned pretzels aka twigs, acorns [those delectable mini Nutter Butter cookies + Hershey Kisses], trail mix, fruit, veggies, cupcakes, and meatballs. It was all SO good! Many of my Nashville friends came to celebrate with us, and my college roommate even drove down from Ohio for the weekend! It was so great to see her and she thoughtfully coordinated gathering cards, gifts, and well wishes from college friends living too far away to come for the shower. I was so surprised and felt so special. Our baby is going to be so loved!

Baby shower via thepajamachef.comOther than that, Ben and I have been trying to soak up as much time together as we can. My birthday was last week and we grilled out for the first time. Yum! It’s hard since it’s the end of the school year, but he will actually be taking 4 weeks’ of paternity leave from his school which leads right up to summer break. The timing couldn’t have been better! I’ll be home with the baby until I go back to work in September. Now it’s just a waiting game for baby to make his appearance! Yay!

What I’m Reading

April & May 2016 Reads via

So far in 2016 I’ve read 33 books, with a goal of 75. You can follow my progress on Goodreads. If I had to choose two books to HIGHLY recommend to you out of those I read in March and April… and I just realized my graphic says April and May, but let’s be real–I’m too lazy to fix it, lol… they would be Glory Over Everything and The Charm Bracelet. The first book is a sequel of sorts [though it totally stands alone] to The Kitchen House. It came out recently and is a captivating story uniting slaves, freedom, and race in the years leading up to the Civil War. It was incredible! And The Charm Bracelet was just a sweet story of mothers and daughters and family relationships. Plus it is loosely based off the author’s grandmothers/family traditions. Love it!

Some great articles I’ve read online this month include:

What I’ve Been Cooking

Quite honestly…not many new recipes. We’ve been eating lots of tacos, burrito bowls, and black beans & rice. I always love Mexican food so it’s not necessarily a pregnancy craving, but it IS easy and doesn’t require much of a recipe except for my taco seasoning [that I’m trying to memorize!] so it’s great to make after a busy day. We also were eating from our freezer quite a bit because I did a bunch of freezer cooking in March during “spring break.” [Ben’s, not mine, but I took the week off work to work on projects at home with him.] Here’s my freezer cooking recap, with recipes, if you missed it! I’ve tried some new muffin recipes to varying degrees of success but haven’t found anything new and spectacular lately. We also had a few leftover bags of berries from last summer so I’ve made blueberry pancakes using my simple and always fantastic go-to pancake batter recipe. So good! Can’t wait to take the baby berry picking this summer. 🙂

What’s on the Blog

My most new popular recipe in March was Coffee Chocolate Chip Streusel Muffins.

Coffee Chocolate Chip Streusel Muffins #bookclubcookbookCC - these chocolate & coffee filled muffins are SUCH a treat!

Most popular recipes from the archive for March included: Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake, Sausage, Apple, & Egg Casserole, and Buffalo Pretzels.

My most new popular recipe in April was: Puffed Blackberry Pancake with Cinnamon-Maple Syrup.

This sweet, eggy puffed pancake is stuffed full of yummy blackberries and topped off with a sweet cinnamon-maple syrup. It is the best breakfast treat! #secretrecipeclub

Most popular recipes from the archive for April included: Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake, Buffalo Pretzels, and Funfetti Cookies.

What were you into in March and April?

Linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into lately. 


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