50 Christmas Cookie Plate Ideas: Cookies, Candy, and More!

I love making plates of cookies to give out to friends and family, neighbors and coworkers, and all the other people in my life at Christmastime! It’s so fun baking up a storm and being able to give a bunch of treats away. Some people have the one bread, coffee cake, candy, or cookie that they are known for, but I like variety. Hope this list of 50 cookies, bar cookies, candy, muffins, and other treats helps you decide what to make this holiday season! Some of the recipes are my personal tried and true favorites, while others are on my to-bake list this season. I wish I could taste them all!

50 Christmas Cookie Plate Ideas | thepajamachef.comCookies

Bar Cookies


Muffins and Other Sweet Breads

Other Treats